About US

We started Qaraah Films™ 2013 our domain name was & still 7stage.com
We have created over 650 Independent Documentaries.
From Political,Social,Racism,Fascism,Spiritual & Christianity.
Yash Qaraah is the founder & publisher.
After working in Culinary/Casinos for 25 years enough was enough.
I Yash Qaraah also Producing,Composing demos since 1985.
I have been engineering tech boards and programming since the
Apple Commodore computers:
So it’s no wonder I only work with Apple Tech Computers:
Having experience is one thing; but understanding social media is the key
to everyones future we are in a Digital World love it or hate but it’s here.
We talk about all of these issue FREE @ our Radio Show Qaraah Films™
Yash Qaraah World Wide. Thank you for Joining The Family now let the